Learn how Quantum helped a global home appliance manufacturer enhance productivity and improve customer satisfaction by providing a complete customer lifecycle management solution.


Multiple issues in maintaining sales and service data confronted one of the world's major home appliance manufacturers.

  • For sales operations across geographies and departments, there was no consolidated view provided. 
  • Data was collected from many client touchpoints and kept in multiple systems, but true insights into sales and service performance were not provided. 
  • Multiple independent third-party contractors for customer assistance and field service operated in silos, with no integration between them. 
  • There is a scarcity of data on everything from lead generation to conversion rate and customer happiness.


Quantum professionals created an integrated suite SAP CX solution based on the SAP cloud to manage sales, marketing, and service data in one place.

  • Consumer data is handled in a single system throughout the sales cycle, providing a 360-degree perspective of the client experience. 
  • The sales cycle is simple and straightforward to manage, leading to an automated lead-to-order procedure. 
  • Data and reports are available everywhere, at any time, on mobile, PCs, and tablets to provide a better experience for company personnel and to aid adoption.


  • The solution brought together data from all the client touch points into a single system. From lead generation via various channels to real sales via corporate websites, mobile apps, company-owned storefronts, multi-brand stores, independent suppliers, etc. 
  • The project's second phase expanded the solution to include all the client touch points for all after-sales services, including appliance delivery, installation, repairs, on-call assistance, home visit support, product guarantees and warranties, and so on. 
  • To meet the needs of end customers, all of this data was made available to the appropriate individuals at the right time. A unified view of a customer could be seen by the sales team.

Project Size

  • Rolled out in Continental Europe, the Middle East, the UAE, Israel, Africa and the UK.  
  • Team size of 200+
  • Managed data of 5 million plus end customers. 

Technology used

  • SAP CX
  • Data Analytics
  • Integrated suite
  • Hybrid integration 
  • Webshop 


  • All customer interactions with the company are fully visible. 
  • All data and reports are accessible at all times on mobile devices, with role-based access. 
  • Better reporting, including the ability to track progress and draw conclusions regarding department, area, person, and product success. 
  • For a faster rollout into several nations, a template-based method is used. 
  • Customer satisfaction has increased, and call handling time has been decreased to less than 4 minutes. 
  • Field technicians have improved their efficiency in scheduling and servicing jobs.